Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions


We are confident in our work and we will refund 100% of your money if your satisfaction is not met. Before the launch of your website, there will be a meeting between Tiny Provider and the client. During this meeting, we will go over every aspect of the website. The client has the right to void the contract if one of these following occurs:

     - The website does not reflect the approved mockup by the customer.

     - All functionality discussed are not present or not working properly after revisions.

If the contract is void and TIny Provider and the client's party are no longer working together they do not have the rights to use Tiny Provider's designs or codings.



All photos and videos projects are non-refundable.

Please refer to this in-depth article:

Having a website that keeps up with the growth of your business is important. Clients can see what your company is about through the website that you have. Your website is a representation of your business. By maintaining your website, this ensures that there are no issues when for customers when they are visiting it. Most successful businesses have a  website that is regularly updated and maintained. Monthly website maintenance consists of:

                    - Backing up website and database

                    - Upgrading server software

                    - Checking for website/server error logs

                    - Update website content ( If REQUIRED

                    - costs for domain and hosting (not necessary if client is laready paying for it).


The cost of maintenance will depend on how big the website is and what kind of hosting the client chooses. It can range from 40/month  to $500/ month for the maintainence.


There are several ways to contact us, you can chat with a representative using our LIVE CHAT tool at the bottom right at this website. You can email us using the contact form at the Contact Us:

(951) 394-3555

We will contact you as soon as we receive the message.


Want to get started on a video/photo project with Tiny Provider? Attached below is a video/photo questionaire, please fill it out and reupload it to our website and a team member will respond back as soon as possible.

For long-term project like website developing or video/photo serviecs, Tiny provider offers one on one consulting. We meet with clients in person for the high result. If your company is located in Southern California, contact us now to book a meeting. For companies that are out of state, we still can meet you after varying in terms of agreements.