Is custom built website perfect for you?

Every company and businesses has a logo. That logo is a representation of the branding of that company or business. It basically summarizes the values and beliefs of that organization as a whole. Like a logo, a website is crucial to a company’s image.


          Every company and business has a logo. That logo is a representation of the branding of that company or business. It basically summarizes the values and beliefs of that organization as a whole. Like a logo, a website is crucial to a company’s image. A website serves as a virtual tour for consumers to allow them to see what that company is about. A website is not just for providing information but it also helps with interactions with your client or even selling your products 24/7. Nowadays almost every company that are thriving have successful websites that help them gain more customers and increase ROI (Return On Investment). There are many solutions how to build your website today, few would use a set template while most would prefer a custom built solution. This article will guide you through and point out some of the important factors for you to consider

          First and foremost, what is a custom built website? A custom built website is a website that is built from scratch based on the needs of each client. It is completely 100% customizable and can be changed at any time. Businesses are always expanding whether it's physically or digitally. Growth is good; it is a sign that the business is doing well. With a custom built website, a business can develop their website and add on to it as they grow. These websites are also mobile friendly so that clients and customers can have access on the go. Another beneficial reason that a client should choose a custom built site over a template is that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will be more efficient. SEO is when the search engine prioritizes a website and brings it to the first few pages when related keywords are searched. This is truly beneficial to a company because it will direct more traffic ( potential customers) to the website, therefore, expanding their brand and business.

          A template-based website can be quickly built. However, it is very restricted. It only allows certain functions while bombarding the client with unnecessary features. Before working with Tiny Provider, many of the clients were using template sites. They reached a point where the sites were very frustrating to work with and to even update the littlest of details. So they reached out for help. Tiny Provider helped build their websites and it allowed them to extend their businesses even further.

          Popular platforms like Wordpress allow you to do some custom functions, but there are limits when it comes to adding advanced functions like custom products (ex: Nike custom shoes). Wordpress provides a lot of plugins for you to add to your website, but not all of them are updated or supportive ( unless you pay extra fees). Moreover, when a plugin is not working properly, you can’t do anything other than wait for the company to troubleshoot or fix it. Some templates will tend to glitch out on mobile devices and it won't make the user experience any easier. With a custom built website, it is more secure and protected than the usual template. Various harmful codes have been found in free plugins for websites using templates.

         Along with some great benefits, there are also some cons when considering doing custom built websites. It takes more time to build and develop and it is pricier. Unlike having a template that is already there and ready for use, having the luxury of a custom website requires time to build and develop. In my opinion, if you are a new business that is looking to get into the online sales industry and have a tight budget for a website, then using a template would be the best in your case. If you own a business that is doing well and can afford to pay extra for the custom website, then it is definitely worth it.

         When a custom site is built, there is no need to worry about outdated technology or start over again when the company expands it will grow with your business. This means less headaches in the future. In the end, custom sites are the way to go because they can be changed and tweak any way you want it to. If your business is flourishing and growing then the website would be easily customized to grow and expand with you as well. Last but not least, choose your website provider with cautions and be careful with every step of the way. Once you know that you can trust the provider, choosing a custom built website is the best choice in the long run.


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